The Big Yak – my favourite bits!

With so many sessions in one day I was never going to get to all of them. Thank you to everyone that tweeted throughout – these are some of my favourite tweets, learnings and ideas from #thebigyak

  • Having an empty chair in the room in meetings to represent the rest of the organisation allows you to consider employees when making decisions
  • Any media should always be about people. Technology is always just the conduit, it shouldn’t define what we say
  • Are line managers underused in internal comms? How do we use them more and what can we do to support them?
  • Don’t blog for someone who doesn’t even know what a blog is. Needs to be true to them
  • When you do change, make sure you communicate the why…not just the what and the how
  • Chrono-psychology – junior staff think of past, managers – now, leaders – future. Part of what you manage with change
  • You want my buy in? Tell me what the change means to me
  • Just because no one asks for the measurement report doesn’t mean you don’t need to be doing it
  • Don’t’ make the assumption that everyone wants to work about their work, online or offline
  • Trust is a journey, not an event
  • Leave breathing space in between traditional comms- take down posters, leave white space and people will notice a new one
  • You need to be disruptive to generate creativity
  • Storytelling plays a vital role in engaging the workforce
  • I’m not alone in my love of Simon Sinek!
  • Remember to serve the needs of yr audience, not yourself
  • Value of IC discussion. It doesn’t lie in number of hits on intranet article, it lies in behaviour change and the bottom line
  • When writing for leaders you can’t put jokes in if they don’t joke in real life
  • You can’t put lipstick on a pig, but you can turn it into bacon if you have enough time
  • Staff – your ambassadors – should be treated with the same respect as your customers
  • Digital shouldn’t replace face to face as its easier, establishments need both to maximise reach
  • Every business problem stems from a communications issue – try and find one that doesn’t

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Jenni Field

I have worked in Communications for over 10 years and believe that getting it right can have both an emotional and commercial benefit to the business. This isn’t just about being a corporate mouthpiece, it’s about making a difference to the business and how people feel when they come to work. Working with two fellow internal communications professionals, I launched The IC Crowd in September 2012, a community based on Twitter to support internal comms people all over the world. Named as one of IOIC 30 under 30 in 2012 and shortlisted by CIPR Inside for best in-house team, I'm passionate about what I do and the difference it can make to business. I'm also the current chair for CIPR Inside, the internal communications group for the CIPR.

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