Introducing #PR2017

By Jason MacKenzie Found.Chart.PR, FCIPR, CIPR President-Elect

2016 was a year of unprecedented change. Political upsets and socio-economic consequences have had a profound effect on business around the world.

As we approach the new year, the prevalent theme is uncertainty.

The CIPR’s community of National, Regional and Sector groups play an invaluable role in keeping their members ahead of the curve. That’s why we asked them to consider the issues and trends impacting public relations in 2017.

The result is #PR2017 – a compelling snapshot of the challenges, events and opportunities facing communicators in the year ahead.

The report harnesses local intelligence and sector-specific information from twenty interest groups to deliver powerful insights essential for communications planning.

If there’s one thing we can learn from 2016, it’s that modern PR professionals can ill afford to restrict themselves to the silos of their region or sector. The new landscape demands a broader, more outward looking approach.

I commend our community of volunteers whose contributions have resulted in an inspired piece of thought leadership.

Download (PDF)

Featured image courtesy of Westpac
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