How to be Charismatic, with Deborah Frances-White

By Gillian Reeves, Chair, CIPR Marcomms Group.

Whether presenting to clients, speaking to journalists or meeting with stakeholders, confidence is an important trait for people in public relations.

Some might find it easy to grab people’s attention and keep them interested while for others it can be a challenge. One quality often attributed to successful people is charisma. Charismatic people are essentially very skilled communicators – individuals who are both verbally eloquent and can articulate a compelling or captivating vision, and can arouse strong emotions in their audiences.

Charisma is not a mysterious quality that only a few lucky people are born with – it is simply behaviour. Deborah Frances-White – stand-up comedian, corporate speaker, screenwriter and executive coach – is running an interactive seminar on how to be charismatic at the next CIPR Marketing Communications Group.

Deborah’s session – something between a stand-up show and a TED-style talk – will explore how you can be more charismatic, how to present your ideas persuasively and how to command any room.

A powerful combination of acting technique, confidence building, body language and psychology, charisma is not about pretending to be something you’re not; it’s about being the best “you” possible, every time.

Best known for the BBC Radio 4 comedy Deborah Frances-White rolls the dice and her signature keynote How to be a Charismatic Woman in a Man’s World, Deborah is also the host of The Guilty Feminist and Global Pillage podcasts.

She said: “I love doing the seminars. It’s like doing stand-up about something I really care about – getting women to step forward, without apology and be seen and heard.”

Deborah’s clients include Facebook, LinkedIn,, EY, Accenture, PWC, JP Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Slaughter and May, Linklaters and AXA so we are delighted she will be passing on her knowledge.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn how to communicate with confidence, engage the room with your presentation style and influence others.

The event takes place at Publicis, Baker Street, London, on February 27th, from 6pm to 9pm and you can book tickets here.

To find out more about Deborah follow her on Twitter @DeborahFW.

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