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Five movie making myths

Video is a great communication tool with a vast range of potential uses in PR, including:

  • Talking to staff
  • Training
  • Engaging with stakeholders
  • Attracting media attention

Employing professional videographers costs money, and lots of it.

So, is it possible to do it yourself?

The simple and encouraging answer is yes.

Here are five myths about do-it-yourself video busted.

Myth 1  Video involves lots of kit

Producing the very best quality video can mean using bulky tripods, big cameras and stand-alone computer editing stations.

But there’s another way to do it.  iPhone video, or Mojo – mobile journalism. Mobile journalism is great for when you want to get results quickly, in the field, or you’re working against the clock.

You can shoot and edit on an iPhone or iPad.  Shoot anywhere, AND edit anywhere – on a bus, plane, train, pub, coffee bar or the middle of a field.

All you need is an  iPhone (or iPad), a small microphone to get good sound from interviews and a phone holder to make life easier for you and safer for the phone.

Myth 2   iPhone video is rubbish

We’ve all seen bad iPhone video on social media.  Wobbly shots, indistinct audio. But mobile video doesn’t need to be like that.

The latest cameras shoot high definition that looks great on anything but the largest screens.

All you need to do is hold the phone steady, and use a horizontal format and a decent microphone to get good sound.

Myth 3 Video kit is expensive

Nope. Assuming you buy an iPhone or iPad especially for video work a decent one might set you back £150-350, depending on model spec. But the accessories and apps you need to produce quality video are laughably cheap.

A phone holder can be had from Amazon for £16 or thereabouts.  Good microphones cost from £17 upwards. And a small lightweight tripod will cost around £50.

Shooting and editing apps cost a ridiculous less-than-£10 each.  And they offer a range of sophisticated functions together with bug-free easy-to-use operation.

Myth 4   Making video is complicated

You’ve got to be a creative genius to make good video, surely? No, you don’t.

Of course you can make it complicated.  But keep it simple and stick to an interview clip and relevant supporting shots and your video will look and sound great – and get your message across.

Myth 5   Video takes time to make, time I don’t have

Not if you keep it simple.  With practice – and you do need to do this sort of thing on a fairly regular basis – you’ll find you can shoot and edit quickly.  A quick, simple yet punchy video need not take more than a short while to shoot and just minutes to edit.

And because with iPhone video you can shoot and edit on the same device you can get your shots and edit anywhere, and if you’re in a 4G area upload your finished video to the web.  Meaning you can be done and dusted with your feet up while your rival with conventional video equipment and editing gear hasn’t even got past logging their shots.

Mobile journalism… making movies on iPhones and iPads, is a brilliant flexible, easy, cost effective way to get your messages across in visual form.

And if you want to get a head start, book on one of the CIPR’s two creative video courses.  You can choose between Creating Video Content for the Web, a two day comprehensive introduction to both mobile journalism and conventional video, and a one day mojo course, Making Movies with iPhones and iPads.

(Video shot on an iPhone 5s and edited on an iPad)

Image courtesy of pexels

John Whyte-Venables

John Whyte-Venables delivers the CIPR's 'Creating Video Content for the Web' and 'Making Movies with iPhones and iPads' courses. He is also a media trainer with 30 years' experience. A former BBC multimedia journalist and Press Fellow of Wolfson College, Cambridge, he is the author of 'What is News?' and 'Handling Media Interviews'.

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3 comments on “Five movie making myths
  1. Jacqueline Purcell says:

    Very good video. Encouraging.

  2. Tony Cox says:

    Hi John – Any specific recommendations on a good microphones to use with an iPhone?

  3. Kelly August says:

    We can create the videos but when we upload to our intranet it all goes wrong. I’ve been told that Apple isn’t compatible with Microsoft?

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