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By Ruth Roache

The media landscape has changed dramatically as the worlds of social, digital and traditional PR collide. Word of mouth is nothing new, but recommendations from high profile bloggers can reach thousands and often millions of people through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

It’s essential for brands to understand the importance of engaging with influencers, but what is the best approach when working with this new breed of business-savvy, entrepreneurial bloggers?

In a world where breaking news is covered as it happens by people via Instagram Stories or Facebook Live, and leading bloggers are on the front row at Fashion Weeks across the globe, or attending high profile launch events, the importance of building relationships with these influential members of the public is highlighted further.

Trying to reach a younger audience who consume their media faster than ever, and in so many different formats, is always a challenge. Limegreen works with several clients in the leisure sector and blogger engagement is a key part of our PR strategy. We engage with bloggers to create buzz ahead of launch events, attend openings, write reviews and trial new products.

Here are our top tips on how best to work with influencers and bloggers:

Be relevant

There are so many bloggers out there so careful research is needed to ensure the people you’re targeting fit your brief. Are they writing about the right kind of things that are relevant to your brand? And likewise, will your brand be relevant to them. There’s little point inviting a mummy blogger with a newborn to a late night opening of a bar.

Build a rapport

Make sure you’ve had a look at some recent blog posts, and read their latest tweets. Be authentic and personal in your approach and you’re more likely to get a positive response.

Communicate in the right way

Bloggers live and breathe social media, so an initial tweet or a comment on an Instagram post may well be the best way to introduce yourself or your brand. You will almost never speak to a blogger on the phone!

Quality over quantity

Whilst reach is important, social media followers are not always hard to gain, so have a look at levels of engagement as well as the types of followers they have. You want to make sure any positive reviews or comments about your brand reach your target audience.

Working together with the right bloggers can create positive relationships that can help bring new customers and grow businesses. It’s all about research, preparation and a personal touch. Blogging seems to be an industry that is constantly evolving so the best way is to learn, follow and be a part of it.

Image courtesy of flickr user: Alan Levine

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