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How to nail your PR strategy

By Laurel Hetherington

Lots of people get very nervous when they’re asked to write their first PR plan and come up with a suitable strategy.

What’s all this business about being realistic? How will I know if my plan will work? What do clients really want and how do you create a plan that’s fit for purpose? Know what to include in your PR plan with these 5 tips.

  1. Don’t just do your SWOT analysis and then forget it – make sure you Maximise your strengths, Minimise your weaknesses, Exploit your opportunities and Avoid your threats throughout your plan.
  2. Remember all stakeholders aren’t equal and think about where have a real chance to win hearts and minds or change their attitude – don’t waste your limited resources on those who will never change or who no-one else listens to anyway.
  3. Don’t be tempted to jump straight in with creative exciting tactics, do spend the time doing your research and analysis, plan your strategy within the context of the situation to give you the best chance to succeed.
  4. Think about what will success look like – is this the same for each stakeholder group, and how will you communicate your (ideally) quick wins to encourage their continued buy in and support.
  5. Make sure you get the best out of each PESO element – remember it’s the mix of cost, credibility and control that changes and counts in each scenario.

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Laurel is a Lecturer in PR at Newcastle University and course leader for the CIPR qualifications at nesma – north east sales and marketing academy.


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