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PR: Is it getting harder?

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By Rob John, Is digital PR getting harder? In some ways yes, but it’s not all bad news. Stay committed to good storytelling and embrace change – it brings a broad range of new and exciting opportunities. For those of

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Are marketers going down the wrong road?

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Each day you are bombarded with marketing messages. Before the arrival of the Internet, it used to be held true in the marketing world that an individual needed to see a message seven times before they reacted. That’s why coordinated

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How marketeers can combat fake news in a post-truth world

Making headlines with fake news By Annie Brafield After the word ‘post-truth’ was chosen as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2016, it comes as no surprise that the subject of fake news continues to make headlines. Articles are frequently

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Planning Your Editorial Calendar – Getting Ahead of Your Marketing Comms


As a marketer, there’s nothing worse than the frantic last-minute creation of new content or scrambling for a topic to post about. From erratic emails to hurried hashtags, when it comes to your marketing communications sometimes being reactive isn’t always

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