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Are marketers going down the wrong road?

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Each day you are bombarded with marketing messages. Before the arrival of the Internet, it used to be held true in the marketing world that an individual needed to see a message seven times before they reacted. That’s why coordinated

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How the National Trust created their intranet

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“How do you keep a secret in the organisation? Put it on the intranet.” Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. If your intranet is the place PDFs go to die, there is hope. Today I’ve got a guest

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How marketeers can combat fake news in a post-truth world

Making headlines with fake news By Annie Brafield After the word ‘post-truth’ was chosen as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2016, it comes as no surprise that the subject of fake news continues to make headlines. Articles are frequently

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International Startups in the Hyper-connected 21st Century

Want to know the weirdest part about starting a company overseas? I didn’t live there! There’s an increasingly large segment of the population that is conducting its entire business online. A great website that’s interactive and fun? Check. A mailing

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Reignite Your Marketing Communications for the Digital Era

Does your brand message stand out in the marketplace? Does your narrative convey bold ideas, new experiences and customer stories that engage and excite people to learn more about your company? Has your marketing team fully embraced the tools and

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Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Fish Wrapper: The Death of Print Media

Trainee Account Executive at Papillon PR, Steph Marshall, explores the place of print in a digital world. When a piece of print media arrives at the office, it’s like a PR’s birthday card: an often beautifully designed celebration of the

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