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Should you stop advertising on Google?

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Dozens of brands and leading advertisers have pulled their advertising from Google in an argument about how the search engine giant monitors its own systems. The major move away from Google follows an investigation by The Times newspaper which has

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What would you lose if your Google account was deleted? It happened to me

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Dealing with the Byzantine machinery of a government department or large multinationals can be dispiriting. We’ve all had more than our fair share of waiting on hold and filling in forms. Google, long-known as an innovator, has taken this to

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Are the top 10 UK PR agencies able to make their own sites rank on Google?

Are the top 10 UK Public Relations agencies good at their own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?   According to the ballpark, approximate data from the online competitor analysis tool Semrush, 6/10 of the top UK Public Relations agencies by fee

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