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Anthony Scaramucci demonstrates how not to be interviewed on national TV

In our time conducting media training for national broadcasters, we thought we’d encountered every possible type of personality and demeanour. We’ve never seen anyone quite like ‘The Mooch’. By Alex Hesketh, Shout! Communications In just 10 days he’s whipped up

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Controlling interviews with core messages

Controlling a media interview is vital if it’s to work for you. Bridging, closing off and positive messaging are all brilliant ways to ensure it’s your message that gets transmitted. Yet probably the most effective, and simplest, interview control technique

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The power of positive messaging

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Being a fat flubberwubber I’ve never been good at balls games, particularly squash and tennis. I’m always the player puffing sweatily up and down, frantically trying to field balls sent every which way by my smug opponent nonchalantly controlling the

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