Twitter advice for MPs is good advice for everyone

Back in December last year, we submitted evidence to the Speaker’s Digital Democracy Commission for a report exploring how parliamentary democracy can capitalise on digital opportunitites.

We provided a guide on Twitter for MPs written by #CIPRSM member Stuart Bruce (@stuartbruce). Stuart also runs the CIPR’s Advanced Social Media workshop.

The guide gives an extensive overview of the platform and urges MPs to adopt common sense and caution when tweeting – sensible advice given the number of elected representatives who’ve been involved in Twitter fails.

On Sunday morning, The Sun Nation published an article referencing the guide. The article picked out a few of the common sense warnings “It’s never sensible to tweet while drunk!” and towed the line that silly MPs were given a silly guide. Subsequent articles appeared in the Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and the Independent.

Fortunately, as more people were alerted to the story, more people read the guide and realised it was packed full of useful tips. BBC Newsbeat’s Felicity Morse summed it up perfectly.

It didn’t stop there…

Shortly after, we were contacted by the Daily Politics Show to ask if a CIPR spokesperson could contribute to a segment on MPs use of Twitter. Stuart was on annual leave. Past-President Stephen Waddington (@Wadds) obliged. You can check out what he had to say below.

If you want to find out what all the fuss was about, you can access the guide on the Parliament.UK website here.

Koray Camgoz

Public Relations Manager, CIPR

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