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‘We can never be sure of when tragedy will strike’

For more than 50 years, iprovision has supported CIPR members and their families who have hit hard times – whether through illness, disability or unemployment. Our members are often unaware of the vital work undertaken by the charity.

Last year, communications professional, Abigail was diagnosed with cancer and lost income due to attending treatment and needing time for recuperation.  iprovision made regular grants towards household expenses as her income declined.  The funds enabled Abigail to focus on persevering through her gruelling treatment and subsequent recovery – without money worries.

Iprovision’s support was invaluable for her recovery and return to full time employment. Abigail’s story is a sobering reminder that we can never be sure when tragedy may strike. The frantic pace our day-to-day lives makes it easy to lose sight of that fact.

Iprovision helps different people in different ways. It can support colleagues with funds to help pay for medical fees or transport costs, or it can provide one off grants that support daily living, for example funds to cover heating bills.

iprovision are also there for members living with mental health conditions. Next month the charity is hosting an event on mental wellbeing, in partnership with the CIPR’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum. Its services are available equally to members living with non-physical conditions.

As a charity, iprovision is independent, and exists exclusively for CIPR members in need and their dependants.  All of iprovision’ s income is derived from voluntary donations and members’ contributions are the charity’s lifeline.

Please help iprovision to continue helping others in our industry:

  • Donate via Virgin Money
  • All CIPR members are asked each year if they would like to pay an additional discretionary payment of £10 towards the Institute’s benevolent fund.  If you’re doing this already, thank you. If you’re not doing it yet, please  consider doing so when your membership subscription is due.
  • Follow iprovision on Twitter and keep up to date with the latest news and events

If you would like to find out more about iprovision or if you or someone you know is seeking support, visit the website or email

Image courtesy of pixabay


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